It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a trip, especially if it’s to a new city or country that you’ve never visited. It’s also quite easy to spend a truck load of money on said holiday, and that’s before you’ve gotten your passport stamped. Keep reading to find out our top tips to saving those hard earned $$$ whilst still having the trip of a lifetime.


Do your research

An hour or two on Google will go a long way when you reach your destination. Information such as visas, vaccinations and currency exchange should always be at the top of the list, but make sure to look at reviews as well. You might find a tour that goes to the same location for half the price, or find a restaurant that is actually authentic cuisine, instead of falling for the typical tourist traps that are often thrown at us.

Be flexible with travel dates

This may be tricky depending on your situation, but if you have the option to choose what day of the week you leave and return, then we recommend planning to leave midweek and return just before or after the weekend. This way you can avoid the bulk of the crowds and hopefully nab some cheaper flights in the process.


Budget for everything

There’s nothing worse than going on holidays with limited funds in the bank. As soon as you’ve confirmed the trip and booked your flights, grab a cup of tea and write a big ol’ list. Write down everything you plan to do and where you plan on shopping, and decide on a daily budget. Now you have a base sum of what you definitely need to take over, which is when you add an extra 20% for emergencies or unexpected fees. Every trip will be different, but it’s best to come home with leftover money rather than being caught short.

Pounce on the discounts

If you’re dedicated and know where to look, you will find discounts for the majority of your travel expenses. Whether that’s through using points on your credit card or booking accommodation where kids stay for free, there’s always a way to make things a little cheaper. If you’re under 30 or a student, we recommend Student Flights for their awesome knowledge and black-market flights.


Location, location

When booking your accommodation, always be sure to check the maps and travel times to the areas you plan to visit. Transport costs can add up very quickly, so to find a place with a train station next door can be a real bonus in the long run. If you’re staying at a hotel, ask about any complementary shuttle services (either from the airport or into the CBD), such as the one we offer for our customers.


*Note: these tips don’t cover everything, and each individual trip and circumstances will be unique. In light of this, we hope this post has helped with your planning and that you have an awesome trip!